This project has been made possible with the support of the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning, at York University.

York colleagues have been invaluable in imagining this student resource. Thanks to Karlene Davis, Julie Rahmer, Mark Roberston, Carolyn Steele, Nathan Stern, Dianne Twombly and Diane Beleen Woody for their input throughout the project.

EE Student Guide
Project leads:
Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier
Lisa DiFranco

Welcome Animation
Director: Lisa DiFranco
Animator: Aaron Mohr
Voice Narration: Maria-Palma Zito

Student Interviews
Featured Videos:
Yasmine Behiry
Jasdeep Dhaliwal
Elisa Martelli
Luc Pokorn
Nadine Wyczolkowski

Additional Participants:
Darvy Acedillo
Nicholas Catania
Elina Khan
Iris Yusupov

Media Team:
Robert Koiter
Evan Tavares